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You will have the same responsive website which looks like this professional website.

Please click on the link below to visit the running Cashback Store:

Cashback Store

Please Note: It is fully functional CashBack Store with dozens of active “Merchants” & “Members”

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Did you know that you can earn cashback on your every online purchase you make?

It’s very simple; You shop one of the hundreds online store and you can earn a percentage of advertising commission to you, as cashback.

The cashback trend is now so popular then even some major banks like Barclays, Lloyds and other big names has started the cashback to their regular customers and might be you are also earning some of the cashback through these banks, after all we are turning in to a virtual currency (*1) and according to our research (*2) by 2025 most of the first world country will be using the virtual currency on a regular basis.

But the cashback website is very complicated website and requires too much expertise. An absolute cashback solution requires that from every single click to every single transaction should be managed perfectly.

Please see tabs for the detailed information that what would you have after buying this product and what should you know.

Please Note: It is fully functional CashBack Store with dozens of active “Merchants” & “Members” so Please Feel Free to create an account and explore the store to have an idea about its features.

Please Remember: This is one time investment and you can take the benefit from this cash back store forever because the amount you will pay is one time fee ONLY.

*1 Virtual currency might be different what we use in the real world

*2 Our research tells us that by 2025 the world will be using a completely different kind of virtual currency what we use now in the real world because of the rapid growth of internet technology and faster moving world and of course we want and need to see and use a new version of the virtual currency in the near future that would directly impact the people’s life positively.

    Here is the list of the features you would get when you buy this product:

    • PHP: A complete PHP based cashback ready to run cashback website.
    • Nice design as shown in the sample website in the product description with the option to make the design changes as per your requirements by yourself
    • 1 year FREE hosting
    • Domain name any TLD including (.com)
    • 100% Script Source Code – script is NOT encrypted in any way!
    • Free support for 1 month 
    • Add/Edit/Delete your own affiliate networks – add retailers from your favorite affiliate networks
    • Amazing DIV/CSS design structure – you can easily change your website’s template at any time
    • Multi-Currency – you can use any currency on your cashback site: dollar, euro, pound, yen, etc
    • Browse Categories
    • Easy Navigation
    • Facebook Signup/Login
    • Search stores by name, keyword
    • Sort stores by name, popularity, date
    • Stores by country
    • Ability to sort retailers by cashback amount
    • Search Bar Suggestion Feature (similar to google)
    • Reviews – members can post reviews about stores
    • Coupons – show stores coupons. Show most popular, exclusive, latest coupons
    • Ability to sort offers/stores by alphabetical order
    • Scrolling for featured stores
    • RSS feed
    • Site statistics
    • Facebook, Twitter pages
    • Multilingual – run your cashback site in different languages
    • Report Store – visitors can report stores
    • Top Stores – show most popular retailers
    • Show latest reviews, featured retailers on homepage
    • Latest Offers – show list of latest added retailers
    • Each store/offer has it’s own page so it can be indexed
    • Login attempts limit
    • Invitation System – members can send invitations to their friends
    • Sign Up Bonus – give bonus for new member
    • Click History – member can see all his clicks history
    • ‘Go to store’ landing page
    • Similar retailers box
    • News – news page
    • XML Sitemap generator
    • Browse coupons by store
    • Deal of the Week – show most popular retailer of the week
    • Balance & History secion – allow to see current balance, and all payments history: cash out requests, sign up bonus, and much more
    • Refer a Friend – member can find his own unique referral link and referrals statistic
    • Invitation System – members can send invitations to their friends
    • Edit Profile – edit account setting, such as name, email, change password, etc
    • Favorite Stores – allow save member’s favorite stores
    • Request Payment – allow member request cash withdraw

    Admin Features

    Cash Back website also comes with a full featured administration interface, allowing you to manage all the aspects of your cash back site.

    • Fully Functional Password Protected Admin Backend
    • Manage Members – View/Edit/Delete Members
    • Ban/Unban Members
    • Multiple categories per retailer
    • Unlimited stores and categories
    • User Groups – you can add additonal site’s admins and moderators
    • Sub categories
    • Ability to add your own content pages
    • Manage Stores – Add/Edit/Delete Stores
    • Multiple Cashback – ability to setup more than one cashback amount per company e.g 5% games and 6% books etc
    • Email Notifications – ability to receive email notifications
    • Categories – Add/Edit/Delete Categories
    • Countries – Add/Edit/Delete Countries
    • Affiliate Networks – Ability to Add/Edit/Delete your own affiliate networks settings
    • Upload CSV – Ability to upload reports from most popular affiliate networks, such as CJ, ShareAsale, LinkShare, TradeDoubler, Webgains,, AffiliateWindow, and other.
    • Website Stats – get stats about your website, such as daily, weekly and monthly clicks stats, members
    • Credit User Accounts – you have the ability to credit funds to any member’s account. From here you can also withdraw amount from users accounts.
    • Email Users – send newsletters for members in one click
    • News – post site news
    • Payment methods – Add/Edit/Delete payment methods
    • Content Management System (CMS) – manage homepage text and other page such as About Us, How it works, Help, Contact Us, etc
    • Payments Section – have full control over payments. See who needs be paid, what payment method, date, and more
    • Cashout Requests – see all payout requests from your members. You can confirm or decline requests
    • Messages System – receive and read messages from members


    Cash Back Store is feature rich PHP script allowing you to run your own cashback website! Cashback is when you receive money back after a purchase.

    • Visitor makes a purchase from one of your cashback retailers
    • Retailer pays you a marketing commission
    • You share part of the commission with your visitor and the rest is YOUR MONEY!

    Your cashback site allows visitors to earn cash back rewards and save money on their everyday shopping. That is why cashback websites are a great way to make money.

    Cash Back Store is an awesome cashback script that is very easy for installation and administration. Visit the sample website and enjoy using the powerful php cashback script.

    With a cash back store you also get 1 month of free support.

    Free support refers to the following:

    • Free consulting while configuring the script
    • Support for problems that you might have with the script (bug support)

    Free support does not refer to the following:

    • Implementing extra features that you might need
    • Implementing new templates or make design changes
    • 3rd party software integration with the script
    • web server software configurations

    Though you would enjoy 1 year of FREE web hosting and a domain name any TLD including (.com) when you buy this product and of course our servers meets all the requirements to properly run the cashback store but you should know the web hosting and server requirements just in case if you want to run the website on your server.

    Web Hosting Server Requirements

    To run CashBack Store you need a domain name and a hosting account or dedicated server with software installed for a web server.

    In order to run properly our script, your server needs to have installed the following:

    • Unix/Linux/Windows/MacOS X Server
    • PHP: version 5.5 or newer
    • MySQL database

    If you decide to move your cashback store to your web hosting, you are welcome and we would provide you all the related script,code,images etc. but we would NOT move/migrate/install your store to your hosting and you would be responsible for moving your cashback store to your new hosting.

    Please read this carefully and ask any question (if you have) before buy this product:

    • You must have an idea about how cashback websites work
    • How to develop a relationship with the “Affiliate Networks”.
    • What are merchants, payment methods, CSV reports.
    • You need a fully functional dedicated email address.

    Please note the following:

    You will have a fully functional cashback store after buying this product but the final version of the website might not look same as the demo website.

    All the major Affiliate Networks has already been integrated but if you need another one which is not mentioned in the demo website then you must have to discuss it with us and we would integrate it as well (if possible) on at extra cost.

    All the caskback system works manually, means you have to import the CSV file from your affiliate network and paste / import it to your cshback store in accordance to give cash back to your customer.


    Do you help us to maintain relationship OR run our cashback store on our behalf?

    Ans: the simple answer is not! We just give you the fully functional cashback web store and after that it’s your responsibility to run the store BUT yes if you are having the hard time to manage and maintain all this then we would be happy to help you.

    We will discuss with you all your requirements about how many “Affiliate Networks” and “Merchants” etc. you need  and then we will give you the quote. If you agree with our quote and our Terms & Conditions then we will manage your cashback store for the time we both agreed in the agreement.

    Please Note: It is fully functional CashBack Store with dozens of active “Merchants” & “Members” so Please Feel Free to create an account and explore the store to have an idea about its features.

    For further Questions & Answer please visit the FAQ Tab




    What type of issues does support cover?

    Answer: general questions related to the script and technical errors encountered during the normal use of unmodified script. We can not assist with customization of the script.

    How long do I get support after purchase?

    Answer: 1 Month support period

    I don't have a domain yet. Can I still purchase your cashback store?

    Answer: Yes! because we will purchase the domain for you (subject to the availability)

    How long you install script after purchase?

    Answer: We would take 1 Month (30 days) to hand over the final version of the store from the date of purchase.

    What is your refund policy?

    Answer: We can only provide refunds in the case that Cashback store can not be properly installed on our / your server.

    Is the source code encrypted?

    Answer: No, not one bit of it is! Our source code is 100% non-encrypted, giving you the power to customize the script without limitation.

    Can the script be translated into another language?

    Answer: Yes, it's very easy. You just need to edit one file.

    Do I have to know PHP or MySQL to run a CashbackEngine script?

    Answer: No programming skills are required.

    Do you provide customization?

    Answer: Yes, we can modify your site as you want. Please contact us for a quote.

    Can I have a different design than the one on the demo?

    Answer: You would have the same design and colour combination as the demo store but final version might look different. Yes, definitely. Please contact us and we will agree about budget and design something very unique to your needs.


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