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Important Web Services

There are few more services which are important for your business. In our Digital Hertz web store we try to provide you all the necessary products which can enhance your business to the next level.

Your Website Home

Fast & Reliable Website Hosting

Every website which you buy on our web store comes with Free Basic 1 year web hosting which if buy separately cost £175/year. You do not have to worry about your website hosting solution for the period of 1 year.


Web Hosting

Free email Accounts

When you buy any website with us like the hosting you also get up to 3 email address Free. Use your business email address for your business identity.

You might be very soon wants to switch to our other powerful & advanced website hosting packages when you business grow. You then need more web space, more speed, more email addresses, more performance etc.

Just switch to our more advanced web hosting package and you are all set. Please see below our “Basic”, “Professional” & “Enterprise” packages and select the one which describes best for your business needs.

Web Hosting Packages

When you buy any website from us “Basic Hosting” is Free. The Free hosting period ends after the first year.

Please click “Buy Now” button to go to the product listing.

Domain Name

Your unique web address

What is Domain Name?

Domain name is the web address of your website. Its like your postal address, when anyone wants to visit your website they enter your domain name in their web browser and it is taken directly to your website home page.

Why it is important?

No one can reach to your home without knowing your home address so your website is your web home and no one can find it without a domain name for example www.DigitalHertz.co.uk. You must have a domain name and it is unique to you.

Domain name availability checker:

Please feel free to check any domain name. Just type the domain name you want followed by .co.uk OR .com OR .net OR .org.

E.G. digitalhertz.co.uk, digitalhertz.com, digitalhertz.net, digitalhertz.org

Please contact our sales team for advice and pricing options.

Free .co.uk Domain

You get a FREE .co.uk domain name with any of our website package.

If you find it difficult to select the domain name, our experience team can help you to find the best domain name* according to your niche.

*if available for registration


Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)

If you want that user trust on your website/store then the SSL is the option for you. People do not trust on your website if that is not secure but you can gain the trust of user and security to your website by adding SSL certificate on your website.

SSL certificates are must have option for e-commerce sites  (it is a requirement for some payment gateways)

Always make sure that your website is secure and if you are running an online store then your store must be secure. By adding SSL certificate to your website/store you can add a payment gateway to your website and accept debit/credit to your website.

Our SSL features:

Security: 2048 bit Industry Standard

Guarantee: Trusted by all Browsers

Secure: A green padlock with https://

Seal: Put a secure seal on your website

Business is all about Trust

SSL allows sensitive information such as credit card numbers, and login credentials to be transmitted securely.

Normally, data sent between your website and user computer is sent in plain text leaving you vulnerable to eavesdropping. If an attacker is able to intercept all data being sent between a browser and a web server, they can see and use that information.

Buy SSL Cert

Live Chat

Why Live Chat?

A recent research has proved that the 70% of the users uses the chat to ask information: they do it to be reassured, to receive that human feedback that only a clerk can offer physically.

Direct interaction with your customers with live conversation wins you the business.

That’s why we offer Live Chat in order to provide the best possible service to our customers! Make your customers your’s and never slip them from your website when they are ABOUT to purchase.


live chat services

Convert visitor to Customer

That’s right: it’s possible to communicate with our customers using emails or contact modules, unfortunately customers often ask for information when they are just about to purchase something and their wait for an answer, however brief, might be enough for them to lose interest and have second thoughts about actually purchasing it. And this process means less sales… A lot less!

Buy Live Chat

Website Backup

Why Backup Your Website

You got an awesome website with many important pages or having a big secure online store with hundreds of products and one day you woke up and realized that your website is hacked or your server crash.

If you have not done the backup of your website then you would miss it at that time but its already too late to do it and you could be lost your website forever.

Manual and automatic backup

Scheduled automatic backup

Restore complete website

Store backup off-site

Without a backup, Your website could be lost FOREVER

Anything could happen to your website

Protect your Website

There could be lots of your enemies on the web which you are not aware of, some of them mentioned on the left. You need to protect your work before something weird happened to your work.

If you buy this service then you can sit back relax and pay your attention how to grab more business. If something terrible happened to your website then you are able to restore your website to its previous active state.

Buy Backup & Restore

Website Security

Secure & Protect your website

Website security is the essential part of your website and you need to always maintain the security of your website. Your website is your web home and its protection is your responsibility, you need to lock it for any unauthorized user like you do for your physical home.

Brute Force Protection

Strong Password Enforcement

Lock Out Bad Users

404 Detection

Secure your website NOW

Some Features

30+ Features for Protection

There are more than 30 features which would be use to protect your website.

It is designed to keep bad guys out, prevent hacks, security breeches and more

Never compromise the security of your website because it’s your business

Protect your Website